Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services

About Us

Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services are an independent insurance brokerage providing general insurance & advice to clients across England, Scotland, and Wales.  Based in Staffordshire, with a philosophy to be professional yet personal, each client receives a tailored approach to suit their individual circumstances.

We are proud to be part of The Enterprise Network, otherwise known as TEn Insurance – the largest Appointed Representative network in the UK.  This means that Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services can remain entirely independent and focused on our clients through the support they provide.

Our network provides access to over

different insurers

ranging from the largest in the industry, including Lloyd’s of London, to niche, specialised markets.  With the support from our network, we have developed strong relationships with our partners, enabling us to negotiate your requirements with a view to provide suitable & reasonable solutions.

 You can find more information about TEn Insurance here.

Why Instinct?

Insurance is important and we recognise this; offering protection in a world of uncertainty.  Our ethos is to provide a tailored service, from the initial conversation through to when you need us most.  We build strong relationships with our clients, helping to protect, advise and remove that uncertainty.

It all comes down to a promise.

Insurance allows you to transfer risk to someone else and if the unfortunate occurs, they promise to indemnify you.

Without insurance, you would have to implement a contingency fund.  How much do you set aside for this?  It might be easy enough to assess the cost to replace a piece of equipment, but could you accurately and adequately put a figure on the impact of an injury to a customer or employee on your business?  Transferring the risk allows the uncertainty to be passed on, which enables re-investment of profits promoting growth and development.

Insurance is often more important than we actually realise and getting it right can often be complex.  That is why we want to help.

We’re proud to be members of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA).  The UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation who not only represents us, as an insurer broker, but also you, our clients.

BIBA providers us with many benefits including access to specialist schemes and facilities for often niche, specialist risks or products.

You can find out more information on BIBA by clicking here.