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"Asked Tom at Instinct to look at a policy for me that I hadn't previously had. He explained what different covers were available and helped me make an well informed choice. The service was very professional and extremely thorough. Nothing was too much trouble, I'd highly recommend!"
Mr Hawkins
"I contacted Tom regarding a policy he was extremely informative and professional at all times. He was able to find a policy and save myself £70.00, thank you so much."
"Tom Baker is the most helpful and knowledgeable insurance broker I have ever dealt with. He always responds quickly to my messages and is happy to answer any of my queries. He has presented me with a good insurance option that met our needs. I would highly recommend him."
"Tom helped me get the insurance cover I needed to start my business. He was very helpful and knowledgeable, he explained things thoroughly for me. I would recommend! Fantastic service!"
"Had my insurance renewal looked at by Tom last month, he was very professional and timely with his responses. I was very impressed with his wealth of knowledge. He took the time to go through the intricate detail of the policy to understand my needs. Overall 5 star service and will definitely be doing my renewals through Tom in the future."
"I contacted Tom Baker from Instinct Insurance. Great, sound and easy to understand advice. Thanks to Tom I have saved money on my home insurance. Please give this company a go, you won’t be disappointed in the advice and service you receive."
Google Review
"Tom led me through updating my insurance policy, and was extremely thorough, ensuring that I had exactly the right cover. My business had changed a little bit since I last had my insurance proposal, and Tom helped me to make sure my policy was updated to be correct and relevant for what I now do in business.

Tom explained everything that I didn't understand really simply, and was very pragmatic with his suggestions on what insurance I need.

I highly recommend talking to Tom to sort out your business insurance, as his knowledge just takes the pain away from me as a business owner so that I can get back to what I'm good at."
WP Doctors
"I called Tom at Instinct Insurance for a quote on my manufacturing business. I haven’t shopped around for years as it was convenient to stay where I was. Tom undertook a thorough review of my business and came back to me with some competitive quotes within a few days, which has saved me over £300! He also took the time to explain the various terms and conditions on the policy. Brilliant service and glad I decided to give them a go."
"I contacted Tom for help with home insurance. Professional, quick and easy to follow advice. Thanks to Tom, I have saved some cash! Highly recommend this guy for advice."
"I had the pleasure of dealing with Tom regarding my insurance. He took the time to really get to know my business and it's insurance requirements, by bringing new information to my attention and sharing his in depth knowledge.

My insurance requirements were complicated and he went out of his way to find the best product for my business. His professional and courteous manner makes his business stand out from the rest. I can't recommend Instinct Insurance highly enough."
Vivis Luxe Laser
"Tom was recommended to me this year, to help with my business insurance renewal. I found Tom very knowledgeable and extremely helpful, he took care of everything, and clearly explained anything I needed to know, nothing was too much trouble for him.

I would not hesitate in recommending Tom, for any insurance requirements."
"I posted an enquiry into a group that myself and Tom were both members of asking about some insurance. I hope he will forgive me for saying this but he actually replied at around 11:30pm at night about 5 minutes after I posted it. Very dedicated I immediately thought.

The next day we had a video call wherein we discussed my requirements in depth. Tom had so much information and advice available to me that we did not even have time to go through it all on the call. We agreed he would go away and come back to me with some quotations after making some enquiries with potentials insurers.

My needs were not exactly straight-forward, having a bespoke business model, complicated by the geographical locations that I operate in, but Tom came back within 24 hours to say that he was still waiting to hear back from insurers due to the bespoke requirements of my business, so I knew where I stood. Then a little while after that he came with a very respectable quotation and was completely transparent about any additional fees and commissions which formed a part of it.

Tom is a very trust-worthy, highly competent insurance professional and for anybody contemplating their business insurance needs I would look no further than him. Doing business without Tom is like going up on a scaffold without being clipped on."
"I was left without insurance for my properties after my previous broker failed to send me my renewal papers. A friend recommended I gave Tom at Instinct a call. Brilliant service and I was back on cover within the hour and with a cheaper premium than last year! Highly recommend Instinct if you’re looking for business insurance."
"A big thank you to Tom Baker for saving Goin' Golf nearly 25% on its business insurance!

For context, the broker we used for last year was adamant that the premium would at best remain the same but most likely go up.

Tom has been great throughout the process and his knowledge and customer service has been exceptional - can't say the same about his golf skills unfortunately.

If you're looking for business insurance do drop Tom a message."
"Tom was so helpful and quick to respond when I was looking for insurance. He's knowledgeable and transparent with his pricing. The cover he found me was cheaper than the quote I had previously received and gave me the option of paying in instalments. I'm really happy with his service."
Carrasco Interiors