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Sports & Leisure Insurance

Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services have helped numerous different businesses across the sports & leisure industry during our years of trading.

Through our markets, we have access to different policies and insurers who specialise in this industry allowing us to provide insurance cover for a variety of different sports & leisure facilities such as:

Your business requires specific covers in addition to the standard, core covers, required.  Our policies can include:

In addition to your standard covers, such as:

Case Study - Goin' Golf

Local Stoke-on-Trent based business Goin’ Golf & Sloggers Cricket, a virtual indoor golf & cricket simulator centre, is one of the biggest experiences of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Having struggled to find an appropriate insurance provider when first establishing the business, Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services were approached to look at their insurance renewal.

Over the course of several meetings, at Goin’ Golf’s premises, with a professional yet personal approach, we managed to:

The business is now insured on a specific Sports & Leisure wording including several industry specific extensions of cover.

 You can find more information about Goin’ Golf here.