Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services

Risk Management

As our name suggests, we want to help you get more out of your insurance policies.  Risk Management is critical when protecting your business; being proactive rather than reactive gives you the best possible chance of reducing any potential impact.

Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services aim to provide that additional advice to benefit your business.  Many of our partner insurers now offer additional services with their insurance policies and since you’re paying for a promise you hope to never use – why not get the most out of your policy? 

Reviewing your Risk Management can greatly reduce risk – which we know is the very backbone of insurance.  Benefits are not only felt within your business but are often reflected in your insurance.  Attitude to risk is a moral hazard and one that insurers & underwriters take into consideration.  We will help with this by both discussing with you and highlighting to your insurers.

Risk Management varies between businesses, industries and sectors.  As an example, we can help provide, recommend & advise on:

We often have access to tools, many industry leading, that can assist further and we will, where possible, get you access for your own convenience.