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Oatcake Shop Insurance

Our roots mean that we grew up with the Staffordshire oatcake.  Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner – our county’s beloved oatcake is often a favourite meal of many and is definitely one of ours.

Those who haven’t tried one – you’re missing out.  Come to Staffordshire and you’ll find plenty of ‘Oatcake Shops’ dotted around. 

Instinct Insurance & Risk Management Services can provide tailored oatcake shop insurance. 

We understand that you make this amazing food from scratch, often starting in the early hours every morning.  You sell these from your counter whether hot filled, or by the dozen – wrapped ready for us to take anywhere we like.  You may even wholesale these into other businesses – convenience stores, supermarkets, bakeries, butchers – you name it.

We understand these unique businesses from our county, and the different exposures which require covering in an oatcake shop insurance policy. 

A specialist bakery?  A cafe?  A breakfast shop?  An early morning takeaway?  A manufacturer…a retailer…a wholesaler…you could say all three?  It’s important that your insurance is correct and we can help you.

Our policies can include:

If you own or run an oatcake shop and would like an insurance quotation with a professional yet personal touch, please contact us today.